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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Holy Olive Wood

*Rose Quartz


This authentic piece inspires you to unleash the wild spirit within while living a life of unconditional love! 


Assists in the reawakening of the Divine feminine.

Encourages you to fearlessly walk the path less traveled.

Inspires creativity and passion in the arts; especially music and dance.

Helps you to own your power and be a trailblazer for future generations to follow.


  • activates the heart chakra; allowing you to be vulnerable and love even more fully
  • aids in grounding you to the eternal heartbeat of Gaia
  • brings a healing peace to past hurts
  • nurtures the inner child while setting her free
  • promotes peace and tranquility 



Chakras hit on:







I am wild and free

  • Wild Woman


    The judgements and perceptions of others 

    became chains of control

    For this fierce wild woman was left tamed 

    and afraid to bare her soul


    Playing small and just getting by

    Always faking a smile but really wanting to cry


    Something inside her knew there was so much more

    The wilderness was calling, urging her to explore


    Finding herself in the woods on a beautiful summer’s day

    Bare feet in the soil, she began to play__


    __The drum in her hand, echoed the sacred heartbeat of the land


    As the sun shined through the canopy of leaves above

    She let go and danced passionately 

    Re-connecting to source’s unconditional love


    Just in that moment a grey wolf appeared

    Her wild reawakened, she had absolutely no fear


    As they looked eye-to-eye in this meeting of souls

    They both let out a howl, channeling the moon's pull


    From that day on she was wild and free

    Knowing her power and allowing it to be


    ~Buddha’s Wingman