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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Red Garnet



This piece helps cut cords tying you to the past and breathes fresh life into new beginnings!


Brings clarity to important life situations.

Encourages self empowerment, independence and freedom.

Helps remove hooks from possessive individuals; aids in overcoming co-dependency.

Assists those feeling stuck in despair to get back on their feet and regain their passion.


  • helps in overcoming procrastination
  • removes inhibitions; allowing you to more fully open up your heart
  • activates and strengthens your resolve; increasing faith and commitment to persevere
  • reinvigorates joy, pleasure, friendship and the sharing of laughter
  • stimulates kundalini energy and aids sexual potency



Chakras hit on:








I lovingly release the past and turn attention to this new day

  • Sunflower


    Let go of the cords holding you to the past

    A beautiful future is waiting, this darkness won’t last


    Step into the light, your wounds will soon heal

    Trust all is well, allow spirit to reveal __


    __the new beginnings you’ve dreamed of

    But thought would never come true

    Just keep facing the light and let them come to you


    As your passion returns and you follow your bliss

    Your path will unfold with such effortlessness


    Keep focused on the light and you will find your way

    Joyfully moving forward, excited for the day


    ~Buddha’s Wingman