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2019 Buddha's Wingman




*Fancy Yellow Jasper


This magical piece amplifies joy and laughter; allowing your soul to freely dance and sing!


Stimulates your imagination and creativity, helping you turn your ideas into action.

Helps with inner child work; healing wounds of the past and bringing joy to the present.

Very grounding; providing courage, stability and strength during times of upheaval.

Supports you in your shamanic journeying and in strengthening your dream recall.


  • raises your vibration while intensifying all positive emotions
  • allows you to relax, slow down and enjoy yourself wherever you are
  • transmutes negative energies in your life, allowing alignment to your soul’s path
  • energizes and inspires you to persevere with enthusiasm towards your goals
  • provides a deep sense of peace, trust, tranquility and completeness
  • amplifies self confidence, assists in the realization of your power to manifest your destiny
  • clears the mind while enhancing concentration and focus



Chakras hit on:



Solar Plexus




I am a powerful co-creator

  • Shaman


    Is the plant medicine calling you to dive deeper within?

    Through the sea of illusions, where does your truth begin?


    When life’s lost its magic and your enthusiasm is gone

    Or illness has taken hold, making it hard to carry on


    Then the time has come to jump in with both feet

    With no expectations of what you may meet


    An upheaval of your old stories untrue

    A soul retrieval ready to birth the new you!


    Your inner child has been locked away for too long

    Let ‘em out to play and joyously sing your song!


    Your journey through darkness will come to an end

    For the sun, moon and stars are all within you my friend


    ~Buddha’s Wingman