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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Rose Quartz


*Clear Quartz


This piece will increase your receptiveness to guidance and unconditional love!


Promotes a positive outlook and increases feelings of compassion and serenity.

Facilitates a clear and open communication with your spirit guides and angelic beings.

Brings in the light of healing, reprogramming cells for joy and longevity.

Increases sensuality and allows you to more fully receive love.


  • helps dissolve fears and worries so you can more fully embrace the experiences of life
  • stimulates libido and your sexual prowess while improving intimate relationships
  • activates the heart chakra, promoting unconditional love for yourself and others
  • improves your interaction and communication with others
  • very energizing; aids in overcoming fatigue and exhaustion



Chakras hit on:



Third Eye





I am unconditionally loved and divinely guided

  • Seraphim


    Child,.. there’s always been angels guiding your way

    A pure essence of love available to you everyday


    There’s nothing you must do to earn or deserve it

    Your very existence proves you are worth it


    Get out of your head and feel with your soul

    Allow yourself to just be;  

    Let go of control


    In the sacred space between each heart beat

    Lies a blissful place for you to retreat


    In the silence you allow your heart to tune in 

    To the songs of your angels, let blessed mode begin


    ~Buddha’s Wingman