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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Red Tiger’s Eye

*Black Obsidian

*Hematite (Optional)


This piece is a fire starter! Bringing raw passion back into your heart and life!


Provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.

Enhances balance within your energy field and allows you to open up to unconditional love. 

Helps those who have lost their power to regain it by facing the darkness of past wounds.

Blocks geopathic stress and soaks up environmental pollution.


  • leads to independence and spontaneous leadership
  • brings clarity to the mind, discharging confusion and constricting beliefs
  • resolves sexual issues and stimulates a more active sex drive
  • a powerful ally in meditation and astral travel
  • encourages exploration of the unknown



Chakras hit on:




Third Eye




I allow my passion and power to flow

Which One?
  • Phoenix


    Somewhere between your battle scars and sleepless nights

    You gave up hope and let your flame lose its light


    A lack of boundaries, you couldn’t say no 

    To the energy vampires that would just come and go


    Always left feeling tired and drained

    Taking on everyone else’s pain


    Then came your darkest night of the soul

    You remembered your power and took back control


    The ancient flames of your soul’s journey ignite

    A raging inferno destroying all that’s not light


    Rising from the ashes you rebirth

    Your soul on fire as you now know your self worth!


    Keep living with passion towards your heart’s desires

    With gratitude and love always fueling your fire!


    ~Buddha’s Wingman