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2019 Buddha's Wingman




*Lapis Lazuli


This amazing piece strengthens the connection with your Higher Self enabling clearer visions/communication while empowering you to fearlessly speak your truth!


Reveals inner truth and allows for the self expression of that truth without compromise.

Aids in dispelling selfishness, anger, resentfulness; allowing you to look deeper within.

Expands awareness and consciousness; awakening wisdom and psychic ability.

Encourages compassion, honesty and integrity in all relationships.


  • helps in overcoming insomnia; enhances dream work
  • heightens receptivity to guidance on your spiritual journey
  • very calming and soothing; reduces tension, anxiety and stress
  • aligns intuition and intellect; enhances communication 


Chakras hit on:



Third Eye





I communicate with ease and with joy 

  • Oracle


    Third eye ablaze connecting to visions of the stars

    A remembering of who you truly are


    Within the realm of infinite potential you immerse

    Into a divine conversation with the universe


    Simultaneous timelines and dimensions collide

    As you discover you have all your answers inside


    Tapped into the power of a focused mind

    Revelations of pure love is what you find


    Understanding life lessons and seeing through__

    __the human perspective from God’s point of view


    Owning your voice and speaking your truth without fear

    For the opinions of others you no longer hold dear


    There’s no need to hide or explain what you know

    Just enjoy the ride and continue to grow


    ~Buddha’s Wingman