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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Clear Quartz




This piece brings you into balance with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine creating a powerful flow of momentum!


Melts away self doubts, feelings of unworthiness and abandonment.

Powerful aura cleanser, releases attachments that were draining your energy.

Balances yin-yang energy allowing you to see all aspects of any given situation.

Integrates intellect and intuition making you a force of assertive and graceful energy.


  • supports fertility and childbirth
  • very uplifting; teaching you to live, laugh, love and play more
  • harmonizes the body into the natural lunar cycle
  • helps you own your personal power and freedom
  • stimulates kundalini energy
  • amplifies vitality and enthusiasm


Chakras hit on:







I experience life as a joyous dance

  • Eclipse


    The light of the sun, the pull of the moon

    This cosmic dance of an ancient tune


    Such marvellous powers they hold 

    Influencing the now and all the stories of old


    Solar flares and tidal waves

    Balancing out the way earth behaves


    Giving us the beauty of the northern lights 

    Guiding one’s path during the darkness of nights


    As long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West

    Then all is well, go on and get some rest


    While the moon continues to go through all its phases

    Enjoy life’s beauty and sing its praises


    From the stars we came and back to the stars we’ll go

    As the cycle of life continues to ebb and flow


    ~Buddha’s Wingman