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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Lava Stone

*Green Aventurine


This powerful piece is a reminder that love is the way!  

No matter how much spiritual knowledge is acquired 

without love it’s pointless.


Releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.

Calms anger and irritation while dissolving the stresses of a hectic lifestyle.

Absorbs electromagnetic smog and guards against environmental pollution.

Helps you remain grounded to Mother Earth


  • inspires gratitude and attracts abundance 
  • stimulates a renewed sense of optimism 
  • unites and harmonizes the intellectual, physical, emotional and auric bodies
  • activates the heart chakra; inspires vulnerability and openness
  • brings you back into alignment with the natural rhythms of nature
  • helps release attachments to outcomes and encourages you to be in the present moment



Chakras hit on:







I choose love over fear

  • Druid


    Down that sacred path, through the old oak trees

    Whispers an ancient wisdom carried on the breeze


    A still and opened mind is in tune to receive 

    What most men consider to be make-believe


    Sacred geometry within energy fields of planetary alignment

    Helping souls to further unfold their assignment


    This esoteric knowledge holds great power and insights

    A guiding light on the darkest of nights


    Yet a great folly of men is to live in the mind 

    And try to figure things out    

    Often steeped in worry and suffering in doubt


    A true key to peace for an awakening soul 

    Is opening the heart and being vulnerable


    ~Buddha’s Wingman