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2019 Buddha's Wingman







This piece is all about chilling da f**k out and going with the flow!



Soothes and calms your nervous system and emotions.

Dissolves worry and anxiety; know that spirit’s got your back.

Purifies your energy field of that which isn’t serving you. 

Own your power and speak your truth fearlessly.


  • harmonizes the body into the natural lunar cycle
  • enhances intuition and clairvoyance 
  • awakens the Divine feminine within
  • supports fertility and childbirth
  • stimulates kundalini energy
  • inspires truth, trust and letting go
  • helps you articulate with clarity and conviction



Chakras hit on:







All is well

  • Blue Moon


    Born of water under the call of the full moon’s tide

    This child was destined to embrace

    the wild spirit beckoning inside


    She experienced serious trauma in her youth

    And kept going through life’s drama 

    While slowly remembering her truth


    Once feeling so broken and alone’

    even uncomfortable in her own skin

    So much tension and anxiety seemed to cripple her from within


    Under the glow of a full blue moon 

    Laying in a meadow and gazing at the stars


    An angel spoke to her, “Sweet child, 

    it’s time to remember who you are.

    You’re not the pain or the shame of what you’ve gone through. 

    You’re a spark of divinity 

    loved forever unconditionally.”


    A moment so profound, no words could explain  

    As she laughed and cried releasing so much pain


    A joy returned to her soul she thought would never be found  

    Ecstatic she arose dancing on this sacred ground


    Feeling so alive as the rain began to fall

    She had taken back her power which was always hers after all!


    ~Buddha’s Wingman