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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Black Obsidian

*Rose Quartz


This piece helps you to realize your incredible beauty with unconditional love!


Inspires the love of beauty in oneself, others, nature, art, photography, poetry and music.

Very calming and reassuring in times of crisis; great comforter in dealing with grief.

Helps balance the yin-yang energy, bringing all the chakras into harmony with the heart.

Assists in relieving self doubts and finding the courage to live your dreams.


  • stimulates healing of past traumas which led to one feeling the need to protect their heart
  • guards against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution
  • activates the heart chakra, encouraging unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness 
  • great tool for past life work; reveals patterns which are no longer serving you
  • helps you stay grounded and connected to the heartbeat of Gaia



Chakras hit on:



Third Eye





I approve of myself


  • Black Rose


    Raised in a society obsessed with youth, sex and beauty 

    A lack of culture and community had left this child too long in front of the TV


    Conditioned by the corporate programming and idolizing the Barbie/Ken archetype

    This young mind was being molded to consume all the media’s hype


    Longing to feel beautiful, seeking acceptance and love

    Always falling short, believing she was never good enough


    Buying all the latest fashions, spending countless hours on her make-up and hair

    She couldn’t keep up to the photo-shopped illusions seen everywhere


    In reality she was stunning, a wild beauty with no compare

    Yet every time she looked in a mirror, she hated what was there


    Critiquing every little thing, from her lips to her hips, her body issues grew  

    And her self-worth was less than she ever knew


    Then her future-self appeared to her in a dream

    Delivering a message with the most intense scream!


    Awakened with new eyes 

    she could now see through all the lies


    As she stepped in front of the mirror;

     for the first time she saw herself so clear


    No longer was she judging her previous imperfections

    Now at peace and fully embracing her Goddess in the reflection



    ~Buddha’s Wingman