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2019 Buddha's Wingman



*Bhodi Seed

*Lava Stone



This epic piece keeps you open to new possibilities while helping you to stand firm with your heart’s inner knowing!


Encourages you to go outside more and reconnect your spirit to the mystery 

and wonder of the lights in the sky! 

Infuses your energy centers with the calming, yet intense energy of the earth.

Guards against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution.

Powerful clearer of anger, frustration, envy, stress and despair. 


  • assists in the manifestation of dreams
  • keeps you grounded and centered in the face of adversity
  • promotes courage, strength and perseverance 
  • helps you stay true to your values 



Chakras hit on:






I stand in my power while I create my own destiny

  • Viking


          As long as his heart still beats…      

    Never will he accept defeat


    Determination, his greatest weapon at hand

    An inner knowing as strong as his connection to the land


       Even during the greatest storms at sea…    

    Fearless is he


    Guided by the wind and stars

    Exploring the unknown worlds afar

    His indomitable spirit leads the way

    As he embarks on a new adventure each day


    Not one to ever bow down to a crown

    For freedom is his birthright 

    And for that he’ll never give up the good fight


    His sacred truth is as solid as stone

    And he knows it so deeply, right down to the bone


    Kingdoms have fallen trying to bring him to his knee

    As he’d rather fight to the death

    Knowing that in Valhalla he’ll still be free


    ~Buddha’s Wingman