*Acai Seed

*Rose Quartz


This piece infuses you with the power of the Divine Feminine and Source’s unconditional love!


Recharges your spirit during times of weariness, confusion or mental stress.

Inspires nurturing of self and nurtures the bonds of sisterhood.

Heightens your intuitive abilities to see opportunities of expansion and growth.

A powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating love, tenderness and sensuality on deeper levels.

Helps dissolve fears, worries, resentments and sorrows; allowing you to love more fully.


  • alleviates feelings of isolation and loneliness 
  • invites balance and harmony into all aspects of relationships and living space
  • opens lines of communication between your heart and mind, allowing creativity to flourish  
  • activates the heart chakra with gentle, calming and soothing energy of unconditional love
  • increases sensitivity, self acceptance, compassion and clarity of which way to go



Chakras hit on:







By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving, joyous world

  • Amazonian Goddess


    She roams the jungle with the jaguars every night

    A fierce warrior woman prowling; a protector of the light


    Seeding crystals of empowerment among ancestral lands

    Charging the Krystaline grid, preparing for the paradigm shift at hand


    A soul so full of love it shines out like the sun

    Her rays of wisdom beaming the truth that we are all one


    ~Buddha’s Wingman


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2019 Buddha's Wingman