*Holy Olive Wood

*Tiger’s Eye


This piece embodies the power of your mind in turning the toxic lead of your life into gold!


Sharpens your inner vision.

Increases your courage to be bold and take charge of your life.

Helps you break out of patterns of doubt and self sabotage.

Inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and freely express your soul.

Unleashes the power within to manifest your dreams.


  • helps tame scattered thoughts and balance emotions; enhancing clarity and focus
  • sparks optimism and enthusiasm to joyfully meet life’s experiences 
  • helps you let go of judgements and see the opportunities in all situations
  • heightens intuitive and psychic abilities  
  • stimulates the rise of kundalini energy


Chakras hit on:




Solar Plexus

Third Eye




I am aligned with Source energy

  • Alchemist


    On a grand journey of following his heart

    Knowing the universe will play its part


    When it seems that insurmountable misfortunes appear

    He does not give up or give in to fear


    He continues listening to the wind and talking with the stars every night

    Knowing a solution will soon come to light


    Setting his ego aside he chooses not to worry

    While the world around him remains in a panicked hurry


    He knows not to try and swim upstream

    As going with the flow will always carry him towards his dream


    While others try to convince him of what he should do

    He stands his ground, allowing the universe’s message to come through


    As soon as he hears it he takes bold action

    With unwavering faith in the law of attraction


    On a constant adventure of finding his way

    As most settle for the safety of an ordinary day


    Fully immersed in each moment unfolding before his eyes

    Unseen magical forces reveal the great prize


    ~Buddha’s Wingman


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2019 Buddha's Wingman